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Gospel Music minister and exquisite Song-writer, Benjamin Akunne O [a.k.a, Omenwa Jesus] serves up a brand new song titled “The love of God”. a compelling follow-up to his previous effort “Jesus Nụrụ Ákwá ụmụ gị” which means [God hear Our Cry] in Nigeria native language {Igbo}
Benjamin Akunne was born in Anambra, Nigeria on 4th of April. He started singing at a very early stage of his life not as a professional singer but a regular singer at home, Christian gathering and fellowships. A God giving talent. He composes and writes his songs. His passion for Gospel songs and Love for God propelled him this far, in the worship of the almighty God proclaim in songs.
When the deadly disease Corona Virus were spreading killing people all over the world, a lot of people were scared. Meanwhile some of them think they are safe today because they wash their hands often.
Noo.. it’s only the love of God that can save us, that’s why BRO BENJAMIN AKUNNE decided to come up with this great and inspirational song titled
John 3vs16, for God so love the world that he ……
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