{Revealed} 5 Powerful Men In Nigeria {No 5 Will Shock You}

{Revealed} 5 Powerful Men In Nigeria {No 5 Will Shock You}

The battle for the most powerful men in Nigeria has been a lifelong struggle since the Nigeria independence, no wonder there has always been power tussle which led to many coup d’etat in the past.
Now after over 20 years of Nigeria’s democracy, here are some of the most powerful people in Nigerian politics.

1. Muhammadu Buhari

He is the president of the federal republic of Nigeria, he calls most of the shots.
Popularly called Sinzu money was an ex-military head of state turned civilian president. He has a strong political influence In west Africa and even at the African Union.
He is the slayer of other politicians, he takes no-nonsense. He is the boss and he acts it, some have accused him of abuse of power and fundamental human rights violation.
He is not moved and he has achieved a great feat in the fight against terrorism in Nigeria. One of his goals is to end corruption in Nigeria.
He is a lawyer and he plays a major role in the presidency.
He is the initiator of the N power and the TraderMone where graduates are provided with jobs and where market women are given petty loans to help their businesses.
He is also Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), a pastor and he is the number two citizen of the federal republic of Nigeria.
He runs the show whenever the president is not around.

Tinubu is not just a politician but is the Ronaldo and Messi of Nigerian politics.
The Only Jagaban Of Nigeria Politic, he is the master chess player in Nigerian politics.
He is a Kingmaker, a president maker and he has installed and removed so many politicians through his dogged tactics.
He is an ex-governor of Lagos State and an ex-senator of the federal republic of Nigeria.
He has so much influence, power, wealth and significance. Let’s just say he runs the show.
Olusegun Obasanjo was an ex-military head of state.
He’s a former general and an ex civilian president of the federal republic of Nigeria.
He has so much influence that he is well respected throughout Africa and the world in general.
Obasanjo is a politician, an author, a political mathematician and a kingmaker.
He is that one person that they call when African International politics is at stake.

5. Mamman Daura
Mamman Daura is a Nigerian journalist and businessman who is a prominent member of the Kaduna Mafia.
He was appointed editor of the New Nigerian newspaper a few months after completing his graduate degree. He is President Muhammadu Buhari’s nephew and long time close associate.
Many may not know this man, but he’s one of the most powerful men presently in Nigeria
According to report, he lives in Aso Rock with President Buhari and he makes the most decision in Buhari’s government. He runs the show codedly in Buhari’s government.

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