Trending: Scammers Now Using Date Of Birth To Scam Innocent Citizens

Trending: Scammers Now Using Date Of Birth To Scam Innocent Citizens

Once they have your account number, they can proceed to hack the systems and get your BVN, and from there, they can get your name, address, date of birth, and so on.
And every information you ask of them as confirmation, they will just give it to you, so that you would think that they are genuine.
On Thursday around 4:45 pm, one Adebola called me with an ordinary number instead of the usual 0700-300-0000 that Access Bank usually call people with.
He said that he is calling me from the Access Bank Headquarters. He mentioned my correct name for me, and I concurred.
He then went ahead to tell me that the date of birth on my “account” in Access Bank is different from the DOB in my BVN (But I have more than one accounts with Access Bank, so he didn’t specify which account he was referring to). He then told me that he needed to know which one out of the two dates are correct so he can correct it.
I asked him to break everything down with figures. He called out my correct DOB and said that it was the DOB on my Access Bank Account. He then called the same DOB and changed the year of birth, and said that it was the DOB on my BVN.
I asked him to explain to me how that could ever be possible. He said that maybe the person that was entering the values made the typo error while feeding my information into the system.
He then told me not to worry, that they can correct it directly from the head-office, that a code will be sent to me to confirm that I am the one, so as to give them permission to….
I cut in immediately telling him that I will go to my bank first thing on Friday morning to rectify it.
He asked me “what sir?”, and I repeated myself again.
He dropped the call immediately.
I went to my bank on Friday to rectify the said error in the DOB, but got disappointed to discover that there was no error on the DOB.
In fact, every single information on my BVN-Page was correct.
The officer that attended to me at the bank told me that I did the right thing by coming to the bank.
That’s the number that called me, and that is his name on Truecaller. (In the picture attached)
But he came across to me as Adebola.
The number is registered with fake information, just for the sake of fraud.

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