{Liteup9ja - List} 3 Nollywood Celebrities who Rose from Nothing to Something

{Liteup9ja - List} 3 Nollywood Celebrities who Rose from Nothing to Something

Its no secret that most Nollywood Celebrities came from poor background. some had a bumpy ride while coming into the lime light. Below are list of Nollywood celebrities who rose from grace to grass.

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John Okafor

Popularly known as Mr. Ibu, John Okafor revealed that his family was the poorest in hi village. In a bid to survive, he sold firewood, became a butcher and a hairdresser. He revealed hi family was the poorest in Enugu State. he become a father to his siblings after his father died in 1957 therefore he did all sort of odd jobs just to survive before stumbling on his first acting role
Ramsey Nuoah

The Nollywood actor revealed in an Interview how he slept under Lagos bridge because it was rough for him and his family while growing up. He disclosed that he was with a silver spoon when he was with his mother but things got very bad for her to the extents of them losing their homes. He also talked about how they had to squeeze themselves on a mat.
Mercy Johnson

The sensational actress, Mercy Johnson reveals how her family moved into an uncompleted building where they shared the same space with rats and lizards. She revealed how her brother did menial job as a bricklayer to earn a living and how they rolled a stick to cover the windows up till the point she started acting and eventually braised money to cover the roof.

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