5 Weird Things You Can Relate To As A Nigerian Child With Funny Memes

1. Understanding eye signals easily
When you were much younger. Your parents especially your mother could send a thousand signals just by looking at you. Therefore, when in the midst of people you easily get eye signals sent to you whether for you to stop something or do something. You are quick at catching up with the eye-message.

2. You are expected to cry without making noise
As a Nigerian child, you get used to hearing your mother say the popular phrase “if I hear pim”. At that point, you know you are as good as dead if you make the slightest noise.

3. As a child, if you hit your head on something, or you get injured, a typical Nigerian parent never believes it was an accident. Rather, they always find something to attribute it to something else. For example, why won’t you hit your head, when you’re always pressing your phone or why won’t you hit your head, when you never listen.

4. You don’t ever want to make the mistake of interfering in your mother’s conversation with her friends or your father.

5. You get sent annoying errands all the time 
Your parents end you the most annoying errands one could ever imagine. Your mother misplaces her phone in the house and you have to search for it. Like how is it your business?

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