{Liteup9ja - List} 5 Career Choices Nigerian Parents May Never Agree To

Most Nigerian parents were born in the suit and tie generation and in many cases cannot see the world beyond that. Here are some career choices an average Nigerian parent will find it hard to support

  1. Comedy

Telling a Nigerian parent you want to become a comedian will be the first joke of your career, all they see from then onwards is a complete clown.

  1. Music

Majority of Nigerian parents don’t ever want to introduce you to their friends as a musician because it sounds irresponsible to their generation.

  1. Dance

This career choice is a no-no for Nigerian mothers, they will never be comfortable with seeing you half-naked on TV.

  1. Disk Jockeying

Playing from party to party? That sounds like someone who’s jobless to the typical Nigerian parent.

  1. Modelling

Don’t bother to explain to your Nigerian father that your future ambition is to wear nice clothes and walk around to show it off, it most probably won’t sit down well with him.

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