{Liteup9ja - List} 5 Habits A Nigerian Parent/Guardian Will Never Tolerate At All

Nigerian parents pride themselves as disciplinarians of some sort. Whether you live in Nigeria or not, a Nigerian parent will never tolerate these habits.

  1. Visiting a Friend that has never visited you: They know how many times you’ve been to a friend’s house and vice versa. If the numbers are uneven, they will frustrate you

  2. Sex before marriage :You see that sex after junior prom you watch in Hollywood movies, don’t try it, they will never look at you the same time

  3. Leaving plates on the sink unwashed: Fathers usually don’t care about whatever you do with plates but mothers are never okay with leaving unwashed plates in the sink.

  4. Smoking (before and after you become an adult): Smoking and sex before marriage fall in the same bracket of vices to a Nigerian parent and it signals the total loss of your sanity.

  5. Bringing a Girl/Boy Home: As a teen most Nigerian parents frown at you bring home friends of the opposite gender, like it signals sex already.

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