{Liteup9ja - List} LOL!! 5 Annoying Things About WhatsApp Groups That Almost Everyone Can Relate To

Some annoying things people usually do on Whatsapp groups which almost everyone can relate to.

1. Anyone can add you to a group without your permission. It could even be your friend. People don’t see any harm in adding you to groups without getting your permission first. 

2. Members are fond of posting messages that are not even relevant to the purpose of the group. Don’t be surprised when you see over 1,000 unread messages.

3. When someone posts anything funny. Instead of group members to just read and move on, you begin to see lots of stickers in reaction to the post or comment.

4. If you don’t turn off automatic media download, you’ll begin to see all sorts of videos, audios, and pictures on your phone. God help you if you only did N1,000 data subscription.

5. Some people will just post a long broadcast message and ask you to forward to 100 people so that God can bless you. To worsen it, some will even tell you to click on a link to make money like Dangote.

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