{Liteup9ja - List} Top 6 Things You Don't Know About BBN Season 5 Housemate, Eric

His Full Name – Eric Akhigbe

Age – 24-Years-Old

Height – 1.95m

Place of Birth – Edo State

Marital Status – Single

Occupation – Student/Body Builder

Favourite Colour – Sky Blue

Favourite Food – Pounded Yam and Groundnut Soup

1. Here’s a little more knowledge on Eric, a contestant on the ongoing Big Brother program.

2. Eric is a bodybuilder and a final year student of the University of Lagos. He describes himself as an Enthusiast who loves winning.

3. Eric comes off as a shy person and tries to take his time to unveil his wild sides.

4. Eric lives by this words “Thank God For Life”, which is something that has kept him through his life experiences.

5. His Biggest achievement is Helping over 100 people achieve their fitness goals.

6. Eric is someone who doesn’t like to wear cloths, but prefers to flaunt his body and looks 

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