Mad Ohh!!! 5 Business Advices You Should Never Give A Nigerian Man {Funny Memes}

Nigerians are no doubt a successful lot, and have sometimes been likened to the Jews with their business success in other countries. Don’t give them these advise though;

1.    Advice An Igbo Man To Sell Suya

Well, I’ve never seen an Igbo man selling suya and I’m pretty sure neither have you.

2.    Advice A Hausa Man To Sell Electronics

When it comes to business, Hausas are a little conservative and electronics seems to belong to the Igbos.

3.    Advice A Yoruba To Rear Cattle

One of the most popular qualities of Yoruba people is pride; they’ll rather die in poverty than lead cattle around the country to forage for food.

4.    Invest In Forex Trading

Nigerians are generally impatient, and investing in volatile markets such as the Foreign  Exchange tends to be too risky for us.

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