{Gist} 5 Types Of People You Meet At Nigerian Party

{Gist} 5 Types Of People You Meet At Nigerian Party

 Definitely, everyone knows Nigerians are party lovers. We love celebrating every single happening in our lives. Whether it is a baby shower, wedding, matriculation, house warming or someone just bought a car. We don’t even mind throwing a party to celebrate roofing a building. Yeah! That’s the length most Nigerians can go to make sure everything turns to a party. Even a burial programme where everyone cries, we can turn it to a lavish party. No wonder we are known for “Owanbe”, a Yoruba word meaning “it is there or it is happening there”.

In Nigerians parties, you will surely meet different people and characters. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  1. Association of Elders – I’m very sure every young Nigerian that is single doesn’t pray to meet these people at parties. The first set of questions you will be asked is “when are you getting married?” “Who are you dating now?” Just stammer your way out. You are on your own

  2. Fashion Police – These set of people seem to know everything about fashion. Immediately they set their eyes on other guests, they will begin to gossip with their friends or think in their mind that the guests shouldn’t have combined red with blue. But most times, we all know how they look!

  3. Slayers /Yoruba demons – When you see these set of people in parties, time stands still for them. They look stunning and attractive. Slayers are females who dress attractively and ensure their presence is felt but be careful about Yoruba demons, these are attractive guys who come to parties to flirt. Don’t say you were not warned!

  4. Party rockers – Sometimes I wonder if these sets of people went on a binge before coming to party because their energy is usually different. They can dance from morning till night and I bet they know the lyrics to all songs. They don’t mind going home with the DJ.

  5. Chop and die – These ones are known as “adaaku”, which is the name of a popular TV series character, used to tease people who eat a lot. When food is not served on time, they will be the first set of people to complain. They will combine different types of food and even request extra serving. 

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