{Gist} If Big Brother Naija Season 5 Ended Today Who WIll Emerge Winner?

{Gist} If Big Brother Naija Season 5 Ended Today Who WIll Emerge Winner?

In the past two weeks that the Big Brother Season Five housemates have been in the house, it’s become apparent that these guys did not come to play. Everyone is armed with one strategy or the other to give them an upper hand over the other contestants.

Already, two out of the housemates are gone, a testament to the fact that sex on live TV isn’t necessarily is key to being in the house till day seventy-one. It feels like on this season of the show, Big Brother is actively looking for contestants who bring real value to the house, apart from being the butt of conversations on Twitter.

So far, if there is anyone who has enjoyed the sympathy of fans the most, it is Laycon and given the situation of things, he is an early contender for the crown.

 Apart from being the first contestant on the show to be verified and one of the most talked-about contestants, he has constantly proven to be the ideal candidate for the show, from trending in his first few days and proving himself to be quite the opposite personality to the idea that several others had about him, both fellow contestants and the audience.

In the course of his short stay at the Big Brother House, he has not only been able to successfully integrate himself into the house but has also found the habit of taking the time to connect with the other contestants and provide help in whatever form that it may be needed.

Although Laycon is not the only contestant in the house who has been the object of the affection of the audience, so far, Laycon is the only one who has been able to hone the affection of the audience into a strong fan base that spans the different parts of the country.

His presence in the house creates a very compelling underdog VS ‘not-so-underdog’ situation, one that has found even big brother, slipping up and showing undue favour to the golden boy, just because.

At the moment, I think if there’s anyone who has captured the audience enough and may win the event if it ended today, then hands down, it will definitely be LAYCON.

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