{LOL!} 5 Types of Online Beggars you Meet On Social Media

{LOL!} 5 Types of Online Beggars you Meet On Social Media

 There are different types of beggars online and they fall into different categories. Let’s check them out.

  1. Corporate beggars: We have many corporate beggars online. You can never see them write “please help me with N5k”. They stylishly beg for money without going directly.  When someone says drop your account details, they will run into the person’s DM to drop theirs.
  2. Finer than life beggars: You need to see the profile pictures of these set of online beggars. They look so fine that you begin to wonder why they are begging for a 10k giveaway in the first place. Some even wear designers. Can’t they sell the designer clothes and wristwatch for cash? Maybe it’s fake, who knows?
  3. Family beggars: When you see “I have five children and they are currently at home because I haven’t paid their school fees”, just know they are the family beggars. But check the person’s profile picture, maybe a young guy of 24. Where and how did he get five children? If you want to lie, make sure it’s well packaged.
  4. Consistent beggars: You will see these ones on any page or account that’s having a giveaway. They are always everywhere. If Davido is having a giveaway, they will drop their account details while also dropping on Omokri’s page. They don’t see sleep so they won’t miss any latest giveaway.
  5. Frustrated beggars: These online beggars always drop their account details on every page to the point that they get angry whenever they don’t win any giveaway. When they don’t win, they begin to insult whoever is doing the giveaway. They are frustrated. It’s not their fault.

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