5 Biggest Female Event Planners In Nigeria

 Event planning is one of the lucrative business in Nigeria. It has to do with passion and creativity in order to make people dream event come true. Here is the list of biggest event planners in Nigeria.

1. Zapphire Event: This is one of the biggest event planning brands in Nigeria, it is known for its quality service and excellent work since 2003.

2. Elizabeth R Event: This event company is known for its great decoration touches, it is one of the sought after event companies in Nigeria.  

3. No Surprise Event: The company is known for its eloquent finishing in designing events and making it glamorous for its various client.

4. 2706 Event: This event company is known for its outstanding arrangement of event layout, they deliver more to the fullest in all events.

5. Trendy Be Event: The company is good at its inspirational and colorful designs in events, they are known well known to the elite.

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