LU9-List: 5 Nigerian Male Celebrities That Beat Their Wives/Partners

LU9-List: 5 Nigerian Male Celebrities That Beat Their Wives/Partners

 The prevalence of domestic violence in Nigeria today has become not only a health concern but also a societal issue. Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behaviour by a person to gain or maintain control over another, maybe intimate partner.This can take the form of  physical, sexual, emotional, and mental abuse. 

Many people have gone through the pain and traumatising situation of silence due to the African stereotype of men being the head of the home and women meant to be submissive. However, due to campaigns and other women accounts many of these victims have been able to voice out their pain to be saved from these gradual life-threatening situations.
It so disheartening when we find out that public figures are perpetrators of domestic violence. People who are meant to speak against domestic violence are now perpetrators of domestic violence, Quite shameful!!!
Here is a list of  some public figures who have been accused of domestic violence in Nigeria.

1. Olakunle Churchill
Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh accused her husband, Olakunle Churchill of physical assault on several occasions in the marriage. She also revealed this in an interview which went viral.

2. Austin Faani
Chacha Eke’s Husband who is a movie director has been accused of domestic violence. Though Chacha Eke has denied the issue and also her husband,  Several reports revealed that Chacha has gone through a lot in the hands of her husband in the relationship. As at now, Chacha claims her marriage is perfect and that she has bipolar issues. 

3. Frank Edoho
Years back, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Host, Frank Edoho was accused of battering his wife, Actress Katherine Edoho.Since then, their marriage ended and both have gone their separate ways.

4. Lil Frosh( Saani Goriola Wasiu)
This is one of the most recent reports on celebrity domestic violence. A week back, Nigerian upcoming rapper, Lil frosh’s was accused by his girlfriend of severely destroying her face and tender body. 
The photos went viral and of course,, the incident cost him one of his most valued gains, which was being signed out of DMW record label.

5. Tee Billz
Ex-husband of Nigerian singer, Tiwa savage was a perpetrator of domestic violence. Sometimes back, Tiwa disclosed in an interview that her husband at that time, Tee Billz constantly hit her even before her marriage and during their union.

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