MP3: Hollywood Gang – “Trap Music Not Trash”

MP3: Hollywood Gang – “Trap Music Not Trash”

 In an industry filled with so many legends, the Hollywood gang has proven to be another legendary group to watch out for and a force, soon to be reckoned with in the music industry.

The gang , is a music group with three talented, intelligent, vibrant and positive minded young men — Auracle, Solace and Wheyspa, whose individual passion for good music has brought them together.

The trio officially started singing together in 2014. And their first EP album titled ‘PEER PRESSURE THE EP’ was released same year. It was a song with a mission to curtail the excessive use of hard drugs and pill amongst youths.

The musical trio is no doubt a group set out to make a positive change via music.

Following the release of PEER PRESSURE THE EP was another song titled ‘AMEN’ which was released 1st June, 2019.

When you talk about motivation, these guys have it. They don’t spill trash, they spill positive vibes, dish out words of hope and give you reasons to stand back up.

Following the uncertainty, depression and frustration that came with 2020, what we all needed at a point was surviving. But then, how do you survive when you stop moving?

The Hollywood gang gave us another piece amidst all the hassle of the year!

Yes, KEEP MOVING was the rejuvenation our souls needed and it was released 1st May,2020.

There consistency is top notch. Their unquenchable thirst for good music has paved ways for them in the past and will pave more ways soon.

In 2018, the group performed at the opening of the Asaba Township Stadium and also headlined a “VictorAD” show at Central Park, Abuja.

And now, there is a bigger News. The trio are releaseS an EP this month, October, 2020. A track from the EP has been dropped already and if you’re a lover of good music, WE GONN’BE ALRIGHT should be an anthem for you. The song is all positive vibe and since positivity is all we need, in these critical times, then you need to download and get yourself motivated!

The TRAP NOT TRASH MUSIC EP. it’s the best thing that will happen to you for a very long time!







Listen to the Full TRAP NOT TRASH MUSIC EP below


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