10 Disgusting Things People Do On Facebook

10 Disgusting Things People Do On Facebook

Social media is a necessary evil. I’m very certain quite a number of us go on there numerous times in a day just so we satisfy the urge. To be very honest, social media has somewhat taken over our lives whether we like it, or not. As many platforms as there are, Facebook is the easiest one to use, and as regularly as we do love to visit the platform, there are a number of annoying things people do on there.

1. Putting Up Unrelatable Contents
One of the purposes of social media is to have fun and when people go on Facebook to share totally unrelatable content, it gets annoying.

2. Posting Multiple Pictures From The Same Event

Posting one of two cute photos is fine, but when people start to post about 10 photos from the same event, it gets boring. If you wanted a photo album, you could have asked the photographer.

3. Sending Invitations To Like Pages Or Events

It is cool to send invitations about relevant stuff, but when it comes to inviting people to pages they know nothing about, that’s just overboard.

4. Commenting on Every Single Post

Honestly, people need to be lectured on minding their business. You really do not need to comment on everything you come across. Dropping your opinion where it is not needed is sheer waste of time.

5. Cyber Bullying

People need to stop shamming others on Facebook. I mean, you never know what the person on the other end may be going through. If you have nothing good to say, simply move on to the next post. No need to leave people wondering if they are good enough.

6. Sharing Your Partner’s Photo’s multiple times

At least, 1 in 10 people is in love, which means you are not the only one in a relationship. Stop annoyingly shoving your partner’s pictures in other people’s faces. Not everyone is all about that life,

7. People who give detail of every move they make

Of course, we all are allowed to have some fun on Facebook but making people’s phones buzz unnecessarily is a total turn-off. Why post about every damn move you make. From the moment you step out of your home, to the point where you arrive at work. Do you not think that’s rather irrelevant.

8. People who post full videos of every event

Yes, we know you are having fun at whatever event you are but please keep it to yourself. No one needs anyone draining their batteries or data with videos that do not concern them.

9. Posting Every Achievement

Agreed, success is to be celebrated but, remember so many people are still struggling to make their ways up. Another fact is that nobody really cares.

10. Sharing Silly Photos

No one wants to see you laying in bed thinking you look all sexy, or posting pictures winking and feeling like you are the hottest of them all. Please let such photos remain in your gallery because to be very honest, no one wants to see.

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