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EP: Star Zee Acidic - Life Of Acidic

LIFE OF ACIDIC is an Album inspired from God Above through His Mercy and Grace upon me and i am pleased to speak to you all through this Adventure called (Music )which saved my Life From Depression and Mental Stress that almost took my Life,in Hard times “Ups and Down” after which I got to Realize the World is full of Pain (“World Of pain “) and I can’t skip it than Accept the fact I am imperfect Creature trying to adapt to a society where I struggle on a daily basis just to put Food on the Table and still don’t meet up to expectations and Family Pressure got me praying for God’s Blessings (“Oluwa Bless Me”).What matters is that this album (“LIFE OF ACIDIC “) helps you feel the internal struggles of a good kid who may not be good enough as he risks derailing his life by succumbing to the kneejerk loyalty, petty criminality, and gang warfare of the hood he calls home (OHAFIA).

The commitment to drama has musical drawbacks--there are no dancefloor bangers here, and not many fully distinct songs, although more hooks than you'll first believe. But the atmospheric beats by Leocyher,Limo Zine,KDS,Master kings and their hirelings lay under the raps and choruses establish musical continuity, shoring up a nervous flow that's just what Acidic rhymes need.

Life of Acidic Album Tracklist :

1. Acidic Rap - Download MP3

2. Abrakatabra - Download MP3

3. I Got No Problem - Download MP3

4. Ke Maka Eji Ft Benzeeno - Download MP3

5. Promise Me Ft Fitness P Star - Download MP3

6. Letter To Mama Ft Queen Acidic - Download MP3

7. Oluwa Bless Me Ft Fitness P Star - Download MP3

8. Die For Love Ft SBJ - Download MP3

9. One Time Ft Queen Acidic - Download MP3

10. Ups and Down Ft Slyvete - Download MP3

11. World of Pain Ft Young lizzy - Download MP3

12. Joko Ft Korede Bello -Download MP3

13. Ajigijaga Ft Reminisce -Download MP3

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