These 20 Hilarious Tweets About ASUU Strike Shows Education Is A Waste In Nigeria

These 20 Hilarious Tweets About ASUU Strike Shows Education Is A Waste In Nigeria

The Academic Staff Union of Universities has been on strike since March 2020 and there are no signs that schools would resume soon. Since government-owned schools are still closed, Nigerian students decided to have fun tweeting about the strike. Here are 20 tweets that turned ASUU strike into a laughing matter.

1. Lol. ASUU can spoil your dream. Don’t even think about getting married at age 25 with ASUU strike.

2. Many students even doubt the sincerity of ASUU.

3. If students had started businesses since March, maybe, just maybe, they would have earned their first millions now. Lol

4. Seems marriage is the next priority after school. That is if ASUU allows you to do that.

5. It’s only in Nigeria that a four-year programme turns into seven years.

6. We can’t even count the number of meetings ASUU had with the Federal Government. When will the meetings yield positive results?

7. Even a baby born since the ASUU strike would have started crawling. Lol. That’s an exaggeration though. But there’s a fundamental problem with Nigeria’s educational system.

8. This is the most hilarious tweet about ASUU strike.

9. This tweet compared ASUU with little devils that add fuel to fire. ASUU strike is definitely compounding the list of problems in Nigeria.

10. Some students have even forgotten their matric numbers not to talk about what they learnt in the previous semester.

11. Seriously, ASUU strike demands 30 days prayer and fasting.

12. When you’re planning your life as a young Nigerian, always consider the ASUU factor.

13. The ASUU strike has made students forget how to spell common words. How will you sit for exams when schools resume?

14. Since ASUU has refused to call off the strike. If your ID card expires in 2020, does that mean you’ve been expelled from school?

15. Even the lecturers’ wives are feeling the heat. No money, no pampering.

16. It seems funny though but where two elephants fight, the grass suffers.

17. Coronavirus lockdown already took away one semester from the academic calendar. ASUU should even consider that fact.

18. This tweet shows that the ASUU strike even lasted longer than most relationships and marriages.

19. If the ASUU strike enters 2021, Nigerian students should just start businesses. Thank God, onions is the new gold. Just take a trip to Kano and boom! You’ll become the latest millionaire.

20. This tweet suggests that both ASUU and FG are just catching cruise with the strike. Because we see no reason why the strike shouldn’t have ended after a series of meetings.

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