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Photo Of 6 Nigerian siblings who are all medics in the US goes viral



Presently going viral on social media, Linkedln to be precise is the photo of 6 Nigerian siblings who all work in the medical profession.

Apparently, one of the siblings, named Chinyere Okpaleke, a medical doctor who works at Memorial Hermann Medical Group in the United States, took to LinkedIn to show off her siblings and ultimately earning much warmth from social media users.

In the caption, Chinyere wrote that she would choose the 6 Okpaleke children over the Kardashians. She added that she knows their parents and ancestors will be proud of them.

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Although her seemingly harmless post attracted the positive reaction she expected, others pointed out that it wasn’t necessary dragging Kim Kardashian and her family into this as all professions hold equal importance.

Below are some reactions.

In other news, actress Yvonne Okoro has said there’s no amount of pressure that will make her get married days after her younger sister married.

In a chit-chat with ace broadcaster and host of Atuu show, Abeiku Santana, the beautiful actress who’s of Ghanaian and Nigerian descent said the rate of divorce in the country was very high, and in order not to add to the numbers, it was best to take her time and marry the right man.

‘I don’t believe in rushing into marriage and getting divorced. Then what’s the point of me getting married in the first place? I want to be happy with my man who would love me for who I am,’ she said.

According to Yvonne, she would prefer a man who is caring and appreciates his mother. “A man who loves his mother cherishes women and looks is the last thing I consider when choosing a man,’ she stated.

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