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Ric Hassani Replies A Bitter Troll Who Asked Him To Quit Singing




Singer Ric Hassani has savagely replied to a bitter troll who asked him to stop the trash he calls singing after lamenting over when he would be verified on Twitter.

Ric Hassani in a tweet lamented over not being verified on Twitter hence asked when he would be verified and a bitter fan replying to his tweet said until he stops the trash he calls singing, he won’t be verified.


The troll’s insensitive comment to the questioned asked can make someone depressed but Ric Hassani gathered all the strength he could find to reply to the troll saying the yab he gave him is not even sweet hence won’t be bothered about it.

It’s obvious the troll doesn’t like Ric Hassani and the kind of songs he does but that doesn’t give the troll the chance to be insensitive as telling an artist his craft is trash could affect him emotionally or even get him traumatized.

But then it’s good most artists are aware of how social media works hence don’t allow things said on social media to get to them and judging from the reply Ric Hassani gave the troll, it shows he isn’t allowing any of that to affect him or his craft in any way.

Screenshot below;

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