10 Dramas You’ll Likely Witness On Your Wedding Day

There’s no perfect wedding. Regardless of how well you’ve prepared for your big day, some things are just beyond your control, especially if you’re getting married in Nigeria.

This is not to scare you. Instead of getting tensed, it’s either you help your wedding planner to get damage control or you just calm down and ignore like it never happened.

Here are the 10 dramas you’ll likely witness on your wedding day

  1. Torn zipper

Don’t be surprised if the zipper of your wedding gown goes off. Make sure one of your bridesmaid is a fashion designer and tell her to come along with emergency sewing tools.

2. Family drama

There’s no perfect family. Especially in Nigeria, its not uncommon to see embarrassing family situations on a wedding day. Some couples have witnessed the bride’s and groom’s parents fighting.

3. Food drama

No matter how much food your vendor prepares, guests would still complain that they didn’t eat enough food. God help you if your vendor decides to hoard meat.

4. Traffic

Lagos is the home of traffic. You’ll definitely experience traffic or the car decides to break down. So it’s better to stay close to the wedding venue or make up your mind to trek to the venue.

5. Double invite

Trust Nigerians to always bring a plus one. Even when they have just one invitation card, they’ll surely come with another person.

4. Ex’s drama

Your best bet is to make sure your exes don’t attend your wedding especially if you have a terrible history with them.

5. Lengthy speech

If you don’t want to spend the whole day listening to a boring and tiring speech, make sure you limit your Chairman of the day’s speech to three minutes or less.

6. DJ and generator

Some event centers are just terrible. They can decide to turn off the generator when you’re dancing into the hall with your husband. On the other hand, the DJ starts having problem with his equipment.

7. Vendor cancels at last minute

Your makeup artist might get a bigger gig and decide to ditch your wedding. It might seem like a rare occurrence. Nevertheless, it can happen.

8. Photographer moves mad

A bride said her wedding photographer forgot to insert memory card in his camera. At the end of the party, there was no picture for the new couple. They had to rely on friends and families who took pictures with their phones.

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