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Biography Of Donye Ayodele Samson CEO of E4 Luxury



Donye Ayodele Samson is a responsible, classy, and fashionable young man who was born into a family of 4 on July 28th, 1990, in the capital city of Ondo State, Akure.

He attended Police Children Primary School, after which he moved to Apex the Unique Secondary School, and later proceeded to Lead City University where he bagged the Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications in 2014.

Having grown up with his Mum and sister, he possesses some unique home training qualities and he is a sucker for good manners.

He has always had flair for jewelry and with the belief that it does not only make people look good but also brings out confidence and pride in them, Donye Ayodele Samson started his jewelry business called E4 Luxury, on a small scale during his service year with full support from his mum and sister.

E4 was carved out of his stage name when he was a rapper and Luxury was added because of his kind of business.

E4 Luxury is a registered company with her headquarters in Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State.

E4 Luxury is a jewellery company that deals in Gold, Diamonds and Watches. We deliver premium to people with a primary vision to be the best jewellery company in Africa and one of the best globally.

Because Donye Ayodele Samson does not like following the crowd, he decided to start his company E4 Luxury in the calm and industrious ancient city and spread it to the world.

While the business is now adorning the crème-de-la-crème in the city of Ibadan, the projection is to open a standard jewelry store in Lagos, Abuja, and one other far State in the nearest future.

Donye Ayodele
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