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Biography: Bigg Santti | Early Life, Family & Songs

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Santiago Izekor popularly known by his stage name Bigg Santti is a Spanish born Nigerian rapper, born on June 2, 2002.

Early Life

The Izekor family moved from Spain to Nigeria in 2007, where he attended Joy primary school in Idogbo Benin city and his secondary school education at Supreme Wisdom School in Lagos. Growing up, he has always loved rap music and later started making freestyle videos on youtube. In 2020 he released a track titled "Letter to Mama". He is currently not signed to any label.


Bigg Santti is from a Christian family of seven (7), he is the second child of five (5) boys. Both parents are Nigerians and are both from Benin.



Twitter: @bigg_santti 
IG handle : @ _amsantti

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