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2021 Most Hyped Makeup Artist In Nigeria

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 Makeup is indeed one of the most lucrative businesses in the country presently.

 We see a lot of celebrities with glammed-up faces and we do not know the people behind the artwork, here are the 5 Biggest makeup artists in Nigeria Today.

1. Bebe Omagbemi: She is popularly known as Bibiyonce, and she is known for her creativity. She has a lot of clients from the entertainment industry.

2.Anita Adetoye Ikubese: Anita Brows is one of the famous makeup artists in Nigeria, She is known for her mild and subtle look on her clients.

3.Olajide Okerayi: Jide Of St. Ola, as he is fondly called, is one of the talented ones in the makeup industry, He is patronized by the elite of the country. His work speaks elegance.

4.Banke Meshida Lawal: Her brand name is Banksbmpro, she has worked with a lot of celebrities and she is good at her job, as she is always giving her best to all her client.

5.Teniola Kashaam: She is known as Tenicoco, She is famous among the Lagos elite and she is also known for her magical hands that make her clients radiant.

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