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Apostle Suleman Sends Warning to Bloggers, YouTubers And All Those Insulting Him Online

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 The General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries Apostle Suleman has given a serious warning to those insulting him online.

Apostle Suleman
Apostle Suleman
Apostle Johnson Suleman of  Omega Fire Ministries has stated that bloggers and YouTubers are free to insult him, but he added that they must be ready to pay him.
According to the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries in a new sermon, he said that the fastest way for people to get traffic to their sites is by abusing Pastors.
Suleman however stated that a Pastor who can be brought down through the media, is not a true man of God.
According to him, he has given everyone permission to insult him, as long as they pay him.
He also said that those insulting him without paying him for it, can be dragged to court even if they are not in Nigeria by notifying embassies of their respective countries of the lawsuit. 

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