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‘Don’t Live Your Life to Attract Men’- Tacha to Other Women

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Reality TV star Tacha spoke at length with TVC in an exclusive interview themed on dating.

The former contestant of Big Brother Nigeria was asked a number of questions about dating online, how to attract the kind of man she’s looking for, and what type of man she herself is looking for as well. 

She bluntly said she would personally not give room to broke guys while dishing out a piece of advice to other women never to live their lives to attract men. An excerpt of what she said can be found below;

When it comes to online, do we need to package ourselves or do we just stay natural when trying to meet our person?

Oh, you definitely have to package. I don’t care, perception is key. How you want to be addressed, you have to be dressed as such. So for me, you have to be deliberate. You have to be intentional. Whether you want to meet a guy or not.

How do I position myself for the kind of man I want?

Well what market do you want to attract? The Tacha market is expensive, deliberate, and very intentional. It always has to look powerful.

What would your partner look like? What would that person be? What kind of job would we have?

Rich. Hardworking. Really considerate and sweet. Because I’m such a hardworker and for everytime I’m out there really working so hard, I love when you encourage me, like it sounds so nice. Things like “I know how stressful your week has been, don’t worry everything will be fine. You know it’s the price you have to pay for being famous,” all of that kinda stuff, just don’t totally ignore it. God-fearing also because I’m a child of God. But I will always say, go for your spec. People have different spec. Cuz T might not be your spec, there are other girls out there that could be your spec. Don’t try to leave your level and try to upgrade, you’ll get embarrassed kind of and at the end of the day, you people will be like “girls are this, girls are that,” people have different expectations.

Also don’t live your life for men. Don’t live your life to attract men. For me I would say, while looking sweet, if the men come that’s fine cuz I’m single. But I’m not going to do all of this for a guy. If I have to look good, then a guy getting attracted to me should be a plus not the whole aim of me looking so nice.

If there’s a young guy that’s responsible but maybe hasn’t gotten a job yet, but he’s smart and thinks you’re the most beautiful thing in the world. But he doesn’t have the kind of money you’re looking for, would you look at him? Would you give him a chance?

Oh no I won’t. Respectfully, I’m so sorry.

Why? Even if he has potentials?

I can’t see the potentials, I’m too busy to see your potential. 

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