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How to get rid of dead skin on your feet

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 Having dead skin or peeling skin on your feet is normal, but it can be unsightly.

Many people like to keep their feet smooth and soft, and dead skin interferes with this plan. Fortunately, getting rid of dead skin on your feet is quite easy.

The best ways to remove dead skin from your feet

Excess dead skin usually doesn’t require medical care, and it can usually be improved with over-the-counter lotions. If you have any doubts or if the condition is severe, you can call your doctor before trying over-the-counter lotions or home remedies.

In general, removing dead skin from your feet is actually quite simple. There are different strategies that you can use to get rid of this problem, such as:

  • Using a pumice stone or another type of feet exfoliator: Exfoliating removes dead skin cells to get rid of dry, cracked skin. You can use a physical exfoliator, such as a pumice stone, or a chemical exfoliator. Chemical exfoliators contain substances such as glycolic acid or lactic acid to help remove dead skin. Usually, the side effects of using chemical peels tend to be mild; however, to protect your health and get the results you seek, it’s a good idea to see a dermatologist before using them.
  • Soaking your feet to remove dry skin: Soaking dry skin can soften it and make it easier to remove. It also helps soothe irritation and improves blood circulation. Try soaking your feet in warm water; you can also add Epsom salt or a relaxing essential oil to your soak.
  • Moisturizing your feet regularly: Applying moisturizer is one of the easiest ways to relieve and prevent dry skin. Remember to apply a rich moisturizer to your feet every day when you get out of the shower.
  • Wearing socks while you sleep: Applying moisturizer and wearing socks before going to bed can help lock in moisture and soften your dry skin.
  • Making your own foot scrub to remove dead skin cells: It’s very easy to make your own scrub at home. A very popular recipe is to simply mix granulated sugar or salt with a moisturizing oil — jojoba, coconut, or olive oil are good options — and use this product to scrub your feet. You can customize your foot scrub by adding other ingredients, such as oatmeal or essential oils.
  • Getting a paraffin wax pedicure treatment: During this treatment, you’ll have warm paraffin wax applied to your feet. Your feet will then be wrapped and the wax will be removed once it has cooled off completely. The dry wax will take the dead skin off with it. You can also purchase an at-home paraffin wax pedicure kit.

How to prevent dead skin on feet

There are some simple measures that can help prevent a buildup of dead skin on your feet. Here are just a few tips for keeping your feet soft and smooth:

  • Make sure to use a soap that doesn’t irritate your skin, and rinse it off completely after washing.
  • Avoid lotions or personal hygiene products that contain alcohol.
  • Exfoliate your feet regularly.
  • Apply moisturizer to your feet every day.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Get pedicure treatments occasionally.
  • Use a foot peel every now and then.

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