Daddey Yoyo Biography and Music Career

Daddey Yoyo Biography and Music Career

 EDET UBON MOSES is an upcoming Nigerian popular Artist(singer & a rapper) known as DADDEY YOYO was born in a family of eight(8) where his father is police officer and mother a prophetess.


He is the fifth born of his parents out of six children (the only last male child ).

YOYO was too light in complexion when he was born having a pink lip which made him so different among his colleagues from childhood. He was born in Cross river state on November 28 1998 and was brought to Oyo town in Oyo state where his dad serves ...here he was named Yoyo because his look was too different  in class... 

YOYO started this musical carrier from his earlyage of age 10 when he was forced to join the children choir because he was sighted to be talented.. when he joined the children choir his performance was very good that he was promoted too early to adult choir at age 13 .

There he was taught different musical instruments and also a singer in church he was loved by everyone of course the youngest chorister .While playing the keyboard piano he got inspired to writing of  some songs though he never knew he will later become a hip-hop singer.... In his secondary school Winners International College Oyo he was among the school instrumentalists who usually perform for school shows and outing...

His elder brother so much love songs of artist like P-SQUARE , MICHEAL JACKSON , BOB MALLEY  made him to buy the disk and play them at home...

So from this  YOYO  love Micheal Jackson music so much then he use to say "i want to be like this man".YOYO was love by everyone in his school including his teachers. Adding DADDEY to YOYO came on his first day in studio 2013 when he was advice by the producer to add DADDEY. to make it flow better in his intro... 

YOYO first song was recorded in awe in Oyo state in 2013 titled: E NO EASY. later he got admission in Federal School of Surveying in 2015 .. entry the school he couldn't continue with his music line because of all instructions and warning his dad gave him "if you want music tell me no school for you if you will school please leave music" .His dad never believed in his talent all he knew was Schoool and school again nothing more... 

So YOYO was too scared he had to be serious he left his talent so in 2017 he did a freestyle where some of his classmates saw and they were wow this guy is talented so he was advice to do a track he couldn't just because of his dad.

Ending of 2017 he did a track titled "HUSTLER PRAYER" which was later released in 2018 when he had finished his National Diploma everyone had the track they were so amazed many commented so that was how he focused fully on his carrier.... since then in his school he is known and always recognized as the BEST ARTIST on campus because the boy has done so many meaningful and reasonable freestyle in which many past out graduate  from the school have been  like wow this guy is our product.. 

AS at September 14 2019 he was awarded on stage as the best rapper of the night in shapati Lagos State on a street jamz party where he did a freestyle  of using human being and object to rap while others couldn't do it..


An instrumentalist , A singer , a rapper, a model, and also a surveyor . He is indeed  multi talented .
YOYO is under no record label he always say "I am to the world  so is a sin if I don't shine why won't I  blow." 

YOYO has dropped so many tracks and he is known for his best freestyle skills ......
In 2020 he dropped a track for his school title JOBIOBA this track was loved by everyone on campus this track made him so popularly on campus. He is so loyal on campus and people love him so much.

 The name Next rated was given to him  by his classmates so since then he was tagged as next rated on campus 
YOYO is a fine boy Christian. 
He is currently an HND  final year student of Federal School of Surveying This guy has performed in so many bigshows and cities .places like Abuja, Lagos State, Ogun state, Osun State, Kwara State and his brought up state Oyo state.

No doubt this guy is a 🌟 star...
He always appreciate his friends for they are the best supporters in his carrier, his mum, his  younger sister . His dad has never for once believe his carrier. 
Our prayer is that he make  it in this line 

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