5 networking tips to help you land your dream job

5 networking tips to help you land your dream job


Are you looking for a job? Here is the traditional way you are probably thinking of tackling it.

Are you looking for a job? Here is the traditional way you are probably thinking of tackling it.

First, look for job opportunities, update your resume, send out as many applications as you can, then pray and hope one of the hundreds you sent out at least one will be picked and you will get that anticipated phone call to go for an interview.

Don’t get me wrong, a resume is basically how you can let your potential employer know more about your qualifications but it’s not the only way you can actually get your dream job.

One thing that we tend to forget is the importance of networking. You would be surprised that some of the most successful people managed to get where they are by building powerful networks.

If you’re wondering how, you too can be a pro and boost your chances at being successful, here’s how you can network yourself to a fulfilling job:

1. Refine your social skills

Networking is mainly about communication. If you want to be good at making those connections, you need to work on how you interact with other people.

Don’t worry if you have a shy or reserved personality. You can easily learn how to make a great impression when meeting new people and identify how you can maintain those relationships for a long time. Take time for a detailed self-analysis and research on ways you can be better at the art of communication.

2. Revamp your social media

These days networking isn’t just about meeting others face to face. Right now, the world is shifting towards a digital age and that means most interactions will start online. Fewer people are tarmacking with their resumes in hand since even organizations only require you to send a soft copy.

For that boost in your networking game, you need to ensure all your online profiles reflect the best version of yourself whether it’s on social platforms like Instagram or on work-related ones like LinkedIn. Clear anything that would push people away and let your positive qualities shine.

3. Focus on genuine connections

Being authentic is the best way to up your networking skills. Putting on a façade will come off as desperate which certainly won’t get you the results you want.

Whether you’re meeting new people at events or connecting with someone online, always give out genuine energy. This will not only help you meet people who can guide you career wise but also build long-term friendships.

4. Look the part

How you present yourself lets people know who you are before you even speak. A clean look is inviting and already gives the impression that you are organized and reliable.

Realistically speaking, this doesn’t mean that you need to be in a suit every day. It’s about looking well put together even if you’re wearing a simple outfit. That’s why it’s always important to make sure you look presentable wherever you go because you just never know who you’ll bump in to.

5. Focus on what you can give not what you can take

An assumption about networking is that all you need to lead with is your knowledge and academic qualifications. All that is important but having a sense of humility is what will take you to the next level.

Start focusing more on what you can learn and how you can help others on their journey instead of having a cutthroat attitude.

Of course, you need to fight for your own success but never forget you need others along the way. This new mindset will open you up to new connections you never expected.

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