5 Female Skit Makers Throwback photos before Fame

5 Female Skit Makers Throwback photos before Fame

In the Nigerian entertainment industry, there are a lot of our favourite female skit makers who are have been making waves in the industry ever since their emergence.

5 Female Skit Makers Throwback photos before Fame

These female skit makers are well recognized in the comedy industry and a great changes has happened in their looks and appearance.

Below are 6 female Nigerian female skit makers throwback photos before they gained fame:

1. Gloria Oloruntobi:

IMG 15072022 093325 1200 x 630 pixel

The famous female Comedian Maraji whose real name is Gloria Oloruntobi has build a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Screenshot 20220715 083146

She is known for a high quality comic content whose image has evolved through the years.

2. Kemi Ikuseedun:

IMG 15072022 093248 1200 x 630 pixel

Kemi Ikuseedun often known as Mummy Wa, is another popular entertainment skit maker in the entertainment industry.

IMG 20220715 093223

She is still working in the entertainment industry alongside with Daddy Wa, often known as Mr Macaroni.

Screenshot 20220715 083534

She rose to fame after acting a lot of comic role with Mr Macaroni skit and her performance is always great.

3. Maryam Apaokagi:

IMG 15072022 093309 1200 x 630 pixel

Maryam Apaokagi often known as Taaooma is another famous female entertainer which as evolved ever since she has entered the industry.

Female skit makers

Taaooma today is one of the famous entertainer, as her evidence by her throwback images and recent one.

4. Amarachi Amusi:

IMG 15072022 093230 1200 x 630 pixel

Amarachi Amusi popularly known as Ashmusy is a famous female entertainer who has changed after becoming famous in the entertainment industry.

Screenshot 20220715 083414

Ashmusy is one of the most highest paid Comedian and she has always made her followers happy on social media.

5. Miz Gabble:

IMG 15072022 093209 1200 x 630 pixel

Miz Gabble, known as Flora 22 is regarded as one of the top female Comedian in the entertainment industry.

Screenshot 20220715 083359

Her throwback picture show as evidence that she has changed dramatically

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