7 oldest countries in the world (No 5 would amaze you)

 On this billions of years old land, many empires have risen, and many dynasties have fallen.

7 oldest countries in the world (No 5 would amaze you)

As such, many countries were founded and ruled by some of the greatest emperors of the time. Likewise, one gets curious to know about these centuries old countries.

It’s interesting to note that some of these world’s oldest countries still exist and have managed to live on while deeply connected to their roots.

If you are intrigued too, following are some of the oldest countries in the world that one should visit once in their lifetime.

1. San Marino

Surrounded by Italy, it’s is one of the smallest and oldest countries in the world and was founded in 301 AD. St. Marinus founded this country; he ran away from the Rimini city in the neighbourhood to escape religious persecution. In 1630 AD, this country got independence from the pope. The reason behind the same still remains hidden, and San Marino’s constitution is believed to be the world’s oldest one. If you are keen to visit this country, the best time is from April to September.

2. France

Another country that makes it to the list of the oldest countries in the world is France, founded in the 5th century AD. Founded when Charlemagne’s Holy Roman Empire got separated and King Clovis ascended to the throne; it’s believed that in ancient times, kings misused their powers a lot to discriminate against the commoners. However, the modern-day France is way different from the ancient one. Once upon a time, this country dominated the whole of Europe. It is also deeply attached to its culture and traditions.

3. Iran

Founded under the Achaemenid Empire in 620 BC, it also marks its place in the list of the oldest countries in the world. Throughout the years, Iran was ruled by various rulers, but the Achaemenid dynasty ruled the longest. This country was earlier known as Persia, which was officially changed to Iran in the 1930s. Its Persian culture is considered to be one of the most popular cultures in the world.

4. Ethiopia

It’s the oldest country in Africa and was founded five million years ago. Interesting to note is that this country was never attacked by the colonizers, but was occupied for a few years by Mussolini, an Italian dictator in the 1930s. The traditional ties of this country are strong and have evolved over the years. Islam and Judaism religions are followed in Ethiopia.

5. China

Next in the list is China which was founded in 2100 BC. The first dynasty to rule over China was the Xia dynasty which is considered to be the longest-ruling dynasty. In 2200 BC, modern China evolved and became one of the most refined civilisations in the world. This nation is also deeply attached with its cultural ties that dates back several hundred years ago.

6. Egypt

The Egyptian era dates to more than the 6th Millennium BCE. This country was founded in 3100 BC. It was one of the most powerful and influential civilisations of its time. The Egyptian writing hieroglyphics is the world’s oldest and basic form of writing which was discovered in 3200 BC. The country had been ruled by various empires, such as the Persian Empire and Ottoman Empire.

The Arabs captured Egypt in the 9-10th century, and although this country has modernised throughout the years, its history has played a huge part in where it is today and the lure that surrounds it.

7. Syria

Ruled by several empires, Syria is home to remains that date as far back as an estimated 700,000 years ago. Of the innumerable uncovered, the remains include skeletons and bones of archaic humans. Subsequent archeological excursions have also uncovered the nation’s long-lost city of Elba. This city is one of the earliest colonies to be excavated and is believed to have existed around 3,000 BCE. Thanks to these findings, Syria ranks high as the oldest country in the world.

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