Important Things you should do to Bring in Consistent Clients and Sales to your business

 Three important things you should do to bring in consistent client and sales in your business 

  •  Traffic

  •  Offer

  •  Influence

I'm going to talk about Traffic today

Important Things you should do to Bring in Consistent Clients and Sales to your business

There's a saying - wherever people are gathered, money is with them in their pocket, in thier wallet and in their bank account

This is why bringing consistent traffic is important 

  • Traffic will help you get customers for your business 

  • Traffic will help you sell your product faster

To generate money the first thing that should come to your mind is Traffic 

Traffic means people

And the easiest way to generate Traffic is using Social media

How do you do that?

You give out value in the form of content or rather social media post 

That will help people know you, like you and trust you

  • Post content that will help people achieve something and you'll be able to build a community that they will trust you with thier money when it comes to buying what you're selling

  • Post content about topics you're passionate about

  • Post frequently

  • Post content about something you've learned in the past

  • Create Polls and Ask Engaging Questions related to your brands

  • Do Giveaways on your account frequently (This keep your page or post engaged)

  • Check response rate of your post - some people like to remain anonymous and only view your post 

Most importantly give it time you will start you will start seeing result

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