Leaked Trick: How To Get Your Facebook Page Switched To The New Facebook Experience

Over the few weeks, I have been seeingvarious messagesof Bloggers, Fashion models, Musicians, Comedians. 

How To Get Your Facebook Page Switched To The New Facebook Experience

Looking for a way for their facebook pages should be converted to the new facebook page experience. In this post I woul be giving a simple trick I used an got my page converted easily.

 Note: It is not a new page, I have created it since 2020

Step 1: Login to Facebook

Step 2: Go to your Pages

Step 3: Change the category of your pages to any of the following for fast and quick conversion

  •         Politician
  • ·        Personal blog (Recommended)
  • ·        Artist
  • ·        Editor

Me personally, changed mine from Actor to Personal Blog July 29 and my page got converted to the new facebook experience within the space of  2 days.

Don’t pay anyone for your page conversion, because this is done by facebook can’t be forced with the use of money.

Advantages of the new facebook experience

  •  It makes your pages stand out
  •  Your videos gets indexed on facebook reels easily
  •  You’re likely to get verified on Facebook Easily
  • You can manage the page as an ordinary facebook account on it own
  • Facebook new experience also helps the seo and ranking power of your facebook page

Disadvantages of the new facebook Experience

  •        You can’t switch back to the classic mode most times
  • ·        You can’t invite friends to follow or like your page

These are the few things I know about the Facebook page new experience

You can drop your comments or questions under this post and share post vawulently……



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