Best Apps to Get Instagram Followers for Free (Android/iOS) 2022

Best Apps to Get Instagram Followers for Free (Android/iOS) 2022

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms worldwide. This platform allows its users to share pictures and videos of how their day went. It also allows you to communicate with friends and family members using its chat feature. Seeing as almost everyone is searching for how they can grow their Insta followers, I’ll be talking about apps that’ll help you get Instagram followers for free.

Best Apps to Get Instagram Followers for Free (Android/iOS) 2022

These apps are not only meant to grow your Instagram followers, as they’re packed with other features and functions. They’ll let you know if your followers are bots or real people, and will help you to unfollow multiple accounts in one click. Moreover, this requires that you grant these apps access to your Insta account, but no need to worry, as they’re quite safe to use.

List of the Best Apps to Get Instagram Followers for Free

There are a lot of apps out there that promise to increase one’s Instagram followers, but they’re mostly not reliable or safe to use, That’s why I’ll only be listing a few apps that are deemed credible to achieve this purpose, but if you feel your Insta account is going to get compromised, then do not proceed to download or make use of any app that’ll be listed below.

1. Real Followers & Likes

Real Followers and Likes

Real Followers app should be the choice for you if you’re looking to get real Insta followers in a quick and easy method. This app would grow your followers so fast that you could even become a social media influencer. It provides all its users with suitable tags and captions that they can use on their posts so they gather a lot of followers.

2. Follower Analyzer

Follower Analyzer

If you’re looking to get in-depth statistics and data on your Insta account, then this app should be your go-to. Follower Analyzer app is the most reliable tool to analyze your Instagram account full-on. This app also offers the service of growing your Insta followers for free. Using this app, you can track new, old, and lost followers.

Followers Analyzer app allows you to know who blocked you recently, and also those you’ve blocked. This app also gives you accurate statistics on the number of posts, comments, likes, videos, and photos that have been made on your Instagram account. Moreover, this app is only available for Android devices. It has over ten million users all over the world.

3. Crowdfire

Get Instagram Followers

Crowdfire is a smart social media manager app that helps you to grow all your social media followers every day. It is a powerful social media tool used by businesses and individuals all over the world to drive social media engagement and growth. Crowdfire app works with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many more platforms.

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