How to Change Mouse Cursor on Blogger in 2023

How to Change Mouse Cursor on Blogger in 2023

We are going to share How to change the mouse cursor on blogger? A custom cursor brings distinctiveness and magnetism to your website, and it’d end up being an excellent addition to your site too. Today, in this article, We will tell you how to change the mouse cursor in the blog. You can use this trick on any platform not only for bloggers

What is a Mouse cursor?

In computers, a mouse cursor is quite a graphical image that helps to point to other images. it’s mostly wont to perform functions like clicking, dragging, selecting, and moving one thing to a different place. it’s like an arrow or a pointer. it’s also referred to as a point of reference.

Where to find out Mouse cursor Images

It’s obvious you can’t create a custom cursor image of your own until you’re quite good with Adobe Photoshop. To seek out cursor images attend https://www.cursors-4u.com/ and choose it consistent with your needs.

How To Change Mouse Cursor In Blogger

First and foremost login into your blogger account and attend Template >> Edit HTML. Search for the ]]></b:skin> and just above it paste the subsequent piece of coding. Confine your mind don’t forget to exchange Image-Url.png with the URL of your cursor.

cursor: url(Image-Url.png), auto;

Once everything is completed save the template and you’ve got successfully customized your mouse cursor to an image of your choice.

We hope this tutorial (How to Change Mouse Cursor in Blog) would be useful for all those people that are looking to customize their mouse cursor. It’s an easy CSS technique that we’ve utilized to exchange the default cursor with a more modern one of our choice. If you’ve got anything to mention then don’t hesitate to comment below.

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