INTERESTING!! Here Are The 15 Worst Lyrics Of All Time By Nigerian Artistes

INTERESTING!! Here Are The 15 Worst Lyrics Of All Time By Nigerian Artistes

Sometimes, when you listen to some Songs from Nigerian artistes, you will wonder if they don’t have anybody around them that gets to listen to their songs and correct some obvious errors in their Lyrics.

Well, artistes are also imperfect humans like us. They are allowed to fumble once in a while too 😉

In this article, I highlighted the 15 worst lyrics of all time by Nigerian artistes.

NOTE:- The numbering is in no particular order!

Let’s go 👇

15. Naira Marléy – Soapy

Inside life, L’oó ti rí Five Alive (L’oó ti rí Five Alive)

Those lines are from Naira Marley’s song “Soapy“. The translation in English is, ‘Inside life, you will see Five Alive’.

In Nigeria, Five Alive is fruit juice. Naira Marley needs some explaining to do because the lyrics no enter at all but the song is a jam anyways.

14. Davído – D & G

When I look into your eyes, All I see is your waist

It must be Davido’s funniest lyrics of all time! Like, how do you look into a girl’s eyes, and all you can see is her waist? 🤣🤣🤣

Davido, you must have supernatural eyes oo cos this is not even normal at all.

Why you go look babe eyes and all you can see is her waist? 🤔 I really want to have such a supernatural eyes too.

13. Wizkíd – Joro

This kind love, e dey do my body ta-nana, E dey make me wan dey your life for wa-nana

From “Joro” by Wizkid. ‘Ta-nana‘ and ‘wa-nana‘ must be some words in an alien language. Because only Wizkid understands what exactly he is singing here.

Use words we can relate with without consulting those in the spiritual word.

12. Tékno – Wash

If you like Karate, I’ll teach you mathematics

Please, guys, forgive Tekno this one time. He won’t repeat it again because this seems to be like the wackest thing I have ever heard in my life.

Tekno deserves serious flogging until he passes out for feeding our ears with such a terrible lyrics.

11. Tiwa Saváge Ft. Duncán Mighty – Lova Lova

After I whine am well, Make you no go leave your girl for inside well oh

This lyric is from the song “Lova Lova” by Tiwa Savage featuring Tiwa Savage and she nearly spoils a good song.

Not pleasant to the ear.. Mama sha won make e enter but na, ko wole!

10. Réma – Dumebi

Omalicha kan ye wu ewo, I go manya you

We really should let Rema off the hook this time. He already says he himself doesn’t know the meaning of those lyrics, that it’s just vibes.

Make this people dey try consider we the listeners na. If they finished killing us with bad lyrics, who will listen to their songs. This is not right at all.

9. Phynó Ft. Olamíde – Ghost Mode

I’m just like a calendar, See I’ve got all your dates

Phyno’s lines from Ghost Mode featuring Olamide. It’s not easy to be a rapper. But it must be even harder to be like a calendar, Phyno. Lol!

8. Iyánya Ft. Don Jázzy – Gift

Baby let’s get naughty, maybe solve mathematics, I know you like logistics, we go do some chemistry today

What the fcuk is this? 🤣🤣🤣 My head won blow with this yeye lyrics.

Iyanya must be a whizkid in science subjects. Well done, Professor Iyanya!

7. Wizkíd – In My Bed

I want your body sleeping in my bed… Tinubu eleniyan

One moment Wizkid wants a girl in his bed, the next moment he’s hailing Tinubu as Eleniyan 😲 This can’t be funnier. Ha ha ha!

6. Burna Bóy Ft. Victóny – Different Size


Monica, Mona Lisa, oh-oh (Monica, oh-oh) My baby, your body, e be like knicker o

Burna Boy is often regarded as Nigeria’s modern-day greatest lyricist. However, once in a while (just once in a while), even the greatest lyricist shows flaws.

Your body, e be like knicker o’ is just not the best Burna Boy can do! The lyrics is terrible!

5. Mayórkun – Che Che

Girl I wan poke you like pokemon, I wanna pack you like pacman

Mayorkun needs to explain these lines! The lyrics is not really bad but Cartoon lovers are not finding it funny at all.

4. Omáh Lay – Soso

Give me vitamins wey go take these pains away

Here, Omah Lay is asking for vitamins to take his pain away when he should be asking for painkillers instead or kuku take Tramadol just like Burna Boy said it in his song.

Maybe Omah Lay needs a Doctor on his team to know the actual drug to use. He might have been using Vitamins to heal his pains for many years now.

3. Yemi Aláde Ft. Flávour – Crazy Love

Boy you be di hook, Na me be di fish o

When did Yemi turn a fish? This slaps hard tho. Bars!

2. Phynó Ft. Olamíde – Onyeoma

Chicken no dey fly for night, Bar beach water no dey dry

This part of Olamide verse on the song Onyeoma is the weakest bar he has ever dropped…

Olamide is always very conscious of his lyrics but I don’t think he did at this time cos the thing no enter at all.

1. Davído – Like Dat

Hossana sussana sutana, Sister life is deeper, Deeper life is sister, No Skuki, no brooklyn

Lyrics from Davido’s Like Dat. I will leave you to guess the meaning of those lines. I give up as this is beyond me.

The lyrics is more than terrible 🤣🤣

The End!!

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