How To Grow Your Facebook Page Organically

How To Grow Your Facebook Page Organically

In this post, LITEUP9JA would be writing on how you can grow your online presence organically without getting to pay any influencers. There’s something most people, business owners, techies are always looking for which is how to grow their followers, likes and shares online.

How To Grow Your Facebook Page Organically

There is no secret about it follow through with this post and see the secret revealed for free

There are various ways you can grow your online presence organically. You can choose to follow the STEPS listed below

  • Get a Facebook page

  • Find a unique username for your account (E.g. LITEUP9JA), it is advisable to go for an unique username rather than going with something like this (liteup9ja88981), this doesn’t look professional

  • After getting a unique username:

Personal Use: Get a clean and nice photograph of yourself, which would be used as your Profile Picture.

Business/Tech/Entertainment Use: Get a graphic designer or check out our post on how to create stunning graphic design by yourself HERE. Create something that is very attractive to the eyes

  • Get a BIO for your page/account which tells users and clients what your page is all about

  • Edit all your details to your taste (Address, Phone number, websites, email, other social media links)

  • Get a cover photo for your page 

After doing all this steps, you are few steps in growing your online presence organically without having to pay anyone. Check other contents HERE.

  • Post frequently, advisable to get your account flooded with contents daily.

  • Create poll posts which you can use to see the number of people that are actually online with your page.

  • Do giveaways and share free updates on your page, this is another way of getting people to always watch out for you. A day or two can be dedicated to airtime, data and cash giveaways, where a task would be available for them to do and get paid according to the way you want it.

  • Learn to always share your contents on other social media accounts apart from the one you are using. Also you can share to groups and pages.

With this 10 steps I am 100% certain you would see that your online presence is gradually growing.

Note: This doesn’t work at once, BECAUSE it not a paid service you work on your page by yourself, don’t be in a hurry. Stay calm and follow the process

Thanks for reading kindly share this content to your friends, families and business partners.

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