Best Places To Buy Used Cars Under $5000 in 2023

Best Places To Buy Used Cars Under $5000 in 2023

Buying used cars online is not a difficult task to do these days, the availability of many brands of cars has made buying used cars less tedious. If you can’t afford to buy a new car, there’s always an option to go for a used one, if the used ones are super expensive as well, you’ll find places to buy used cars under $2000 to $5000.

List of The Best Sites to Buy Used Cars Under $5000

The cost of buying a car shouldn’t discourage you from having one, you could buy a car now and pay later as well, but if you’re stuck on a budget of $5000, we’ve selected these websites below for you to get a car from.

1. Craigslist

Buy Used Cars Under $5000

From getting used cars above $10,000 to getting cars below $5000, Craigslist has proven to be one of the best places you can get cheap used cars in the USA. While Craigslist is generally not a place where items are being sold, but more of a place to place classified Ads, it makes it easy for both buyers and sellers to authorize deals between each other.

2. OfferUp

Buy Used Cars Under $5000

OfferUp is very similar to Craigslist, but it’s a bit less complicated if you want to buy cars and trucks. On OfferUp, you can get cars used cars with a starting price of $2000 to $5000. Most of the cars sold on OfferUp are always in a good condition and while some might be broken, they’d be sold for a cheaper price below $5000.

If you’re on a budget of $5000 or below and you need a good place to buy cars under $5000, you can always come to OfferUp, there are different car-related adverts on the website and that makes it easy to get a used car.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Market

Your hopes to get a good used car under $5000 shouldn’t be daunted especially when you haven’t tried Facebook Marketplace. Yes, you can buy used cars under $5000 on Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace is an online community of sellers on Facebook, you can buy almost anything via Facebook Marketplace and that includes cars and trucks.

Car listing on Facebook Marketplace is done by users, you can easily contact a seller and agree on a price, then meet in a location to finalize the car sale between both parties. Facebook Marketplace is a reliable place to buy used cars under $5000.

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