Best Text Message Background Apps for Android Devices (2023)

Best Text Message Background Apps for Android Devices (2023)

There are numerous apps available for Android that allow users to change the backgrounds of their text messages. These apps offer a variety of cute and beautiful backgrounds, enhancing the overall smartphone experience.

People often prefer to personalize their text message backgrounds to suit their individual preferences and tastes, as the default background may not be as appealing. By using these text message background apps, users have the freedom to select backgrounds that align with their interests.

List of the Best Text Message Background Apps for Android

1. GO SMS Pro


GO SMS Pro is one of the most popular text message background apps used by smartphone users to customize their text message backgrounds. The app offers various free features, including attractive backgrounds that users can choose from. One of the standout features of GO SMS Pro is its Dual-mode.

2. Textra SMS

Textra SMS - Text Message Background Apps

Textra is a popular SMS messenger app known for its various features that enhance text messaging. Users can personalize their messages by selecting theme colors, bubble colors, and emoji styles. They also have the option to schedule messages and delete ones that are still being sent. One of Textra’s standout features is its unique appearance for text message backgrounds.

3. Messenger SMS

Messenger SMS

This text message background app offers a range of sophisticated features that enable users to send text messages quickly. Similar to other apps, it provides numerous free themes for the messenger, allowing users to personalize their messaging experience. In addition, users can customize the text background, messaging bubble, and choose different colors.

4. GO Keyboard Lite

GO Keyboard Lite

GO Keyboard Lite is a popular app that allows users to change their keyboard to make it more interesting. It offers colorful themes to customize the text message background, making the smartphone screen look stylish and trendy. Apart from themes, the app supports over 60 languages, provides cute emojis, and offers word suggestions for faster typing.

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