AI-Powered Digital Marketing Tools For Your Use

AI-Powered Digital Marketing Tools For Your Use

He recently asked me which AI-powered digital marketing tools we use at our company during a conversation with a marketing expert with a focus on SEO who was seeking to learn more about analytics and how he can gauge the effectiveness of his efforts. Fair enough, but the truth is that we don't truly assess our digital marketing products based on whether or not they have AI. If they do, artificial intelligence essentially operates in the background, and up until now, we haven't encountered any AI feature that we couldn't live without.


Excellent for maximizing ad creation and expenditure. The majority of biddable platforms are covered, including Google Marketing Platform, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. "Albert processes and analyzes audience and tactic data at scale, autonomously allocating budget, and optimizing creative and evolving campaigns across paid search, social, and programmatic channels"


This was something we had never encountered before. Engagement trends for visual content like product or fashion shots. user-favored trends, fashions, and color schemes. An excellent technique to research what works best for your rivals and imitate them.


Watch out, it's an 't'. Adext is a tool for optimizing ads on Facebook and Google. Scalability and audience experimentation are both good. Additionally, their starting price of $199 invoiced annually is fair and they have impressive testimonies.

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