Why you should get the Infinix Zero 30 vlogging phone

Why you should get the Infinix Zero 30 vlogging phone

Infinix introduced the Zero 30 5G earlier this month, and since Liteup9ja is the go-to site for all things tech, we were able to get our hands on one. Because of their cutting-edge designs, Infinix has grown to be a household name over time. The Zero 30 5G is no different from the other Infinix devices released this year in that it offers the latest technology without breaking the bank.

Why you should get the Infinix Zero 30 vlogging phone

The phone is stunning on its own. Three colors—Golden Hour, Rome Green, and Fantasy Purple—were available for purchase. I was initially perplexed by the naming strategy, but after I had The Golden Hour in my possession, I understood. 

The color of the "Golden Hour" is a delicate, shimmering gold, like a sunset painted on metal. When you hold it up to the light, it appears cozy and enchanted. I want someone to come up with a new technique for us to utilize phones without cases just for this phone. Since I cannot see the beauty of a lovely phone every day, I am appreciative of the clear case.

The Corning Gorilla Glass used to construct the Infinix Zero 30's ultra-slim 3D curved screen makes it scratch-resistant. The screen of this phone curves across the frame, giving it a screen-to-body ratio of 92.7%. The phone looks sleek and premium thanks to its curved screen and ultra-slim body. The user receives an unbroken visual display on this enormous 6.78-inch screen, which makes the phone feel like a simple flat screen in their hands. The display features a maximum brightness of 950 nits, a contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1, and a high brightness mode that makes it ideal for use outside in bright sunlight.

Additionally, it has an eye-care mode with outstanding display color quality (TUV Rheinland Certified), which lessens eye discomfort and tiredness after prolonged computer use. 

The device's attractiveness is enhanced by the on-screen fingerprint display. It is easy to use with one hand, and your hands are stabilized by the phone's long, rectangular design. The phone itself is quite lightweight at 185g.

Along with admiring Infinix's beautiful designs, I also appreciate how responsive it is to customer demands. Nowadays, almost everyone posts about their lives online, including kids without an internet presence and everyday social media users. The majority of improvements to mobile phones are made to the rear cameras, but because Infinix has its ears to the ground, they are also developing better selfie angle cameras. 

This phone, which is being pitched as a vlogging tool, has an outstanding 50MP front camera with 4K/60FPS (Frames per second) camera capacity for a phone that costs less than $350. You receive four times as many pixels overall with 4k/60 frames per second, improving display resolution. 

You may record and edit videos with this 4k resolution without sacrificing quality. Since 4k is frequently utilized in video games and HD TVs, the videos on this phone are of movie theater quality. Additionally, recording at 60 frames per second gives your films smoother action and less motion blur. With this phone's 4k/60fps capability, you can capture more detail with a more realistic look for your vlogs than with most smartphones, which start at 30fps. 

You can snap images from the front and back of the phone more steadily and smoothly thanks to the 108MP rear camera, which also has the same 4K/60FPS video capability. The main camera's glass lens has also been added by Infinix, which improves light capture and enables great videography even in dimly lit environments. The 3x lossless zoom lens has a 120° wide angle. With this, you can clearly film distant objects.

With this phone, you have dual camera features in addition to being able to record selfie and back camera perspectives like a pro. With the dual camera, you may record video simultaneously with the front and back cameras, capturing more angles and your on-camera reactions. This phone is for you if you want an ultra-HD phone that will make your films look seamless and really professional.

Let’s get into the technology

With its 5000mAh battery and sophisticated quick charging technology, the Infinix Zero 30 5G device can go from completely flat to 80% charged in just 30 minutes. It had a 50% charge when I got it, but after I put it in, it had reached 100%. Fast charging is ideal for folks like myself who are constantly on the go because I'm too busy to put my phone down for extended periods of time.

Additionally, since the battery life is a full 24 hours, you are protected even if you have an epileptic power source. When you are filming outside, your battery also lasts a long time so you don't need to carry a power bank with you. Along with vacuum chamber liquid cooling, the phone has a quick cooling system that can lower device temperatures by up to 7°C. Even during extended 4K video shoots and when charging, the phone never becomes too hot to the touch.

This camera was designed with IP53 water and dust resistance. Splashes of rain won't harm your gadget, and windy days won't cause dust problems either. In every kind of weather, you can shoot spontaneous photos. When I went outside to test this feature when it was raining, the phone performed flawlessly both during and after the downpour. 

This device has a ton of space as well. It contains 256GB of ROM and 21GB (12+9GB) of extended RAM. Without having to worry about erasing your saved memories to create room, you may record and capture moments. Additionally, the gadget has twin speaker audio with HIRes and DTS, enabling immersive stereo audio recording and playback at the level of a movie theater.

Final judgment: Excellent video quality with ultra-wide angles. Stylish and modern design. prolonged battery life. In the end, you get a lot for your money.

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