Easy Steps to Register on Google Search Console and Submit a Sitemap for Blogger

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Google Search Console is a free service from Google designed for bloggers and website administrators.

Its purpose is to monitor the performance of our blog/website on the Google search engine.

Google Search Console provides valuable reports, such as indexing, search result statistics, backlinks, etc.

How to Register for Google Search Console

For Blogger users, registering for Google Search Console is straightforward.

  1. Visit https://search.google.com/search-console/
  2. Click the "Start Now" button on the page
  3. Next, log in using your Google account.

Make sure to use the Google account you use to log in to your blog.

  1. Enter your blog address in the "Domain" section and then click "Continue".
    1. If successful, there should be a confirmation that the blog has been automatically verified.
    1. The process of registering the blog with Google Search Console is complete.

    How to Submit Blog Sitemap to Google Search Console

    After registration, you need to submit the blog Sitemap to Google Search Console.

    A Sitemap is a kind of table of contents for a blog specifically designed for search engines. Typically, a blog Sitemap uses the .XML, RSS, or TEXT format.

    Many bloggers, especially beginners, mistake the Sitemap for a blog table of contents intended for blog visitors.

    If you create a table of contents page on your blog, that page cannot be used as a Sitemap to submit to Google Search Console.

    Fortunately, Blogger provides a specific Sitemap file for submission to search engines. So, you don't need to worry about creating one.

    The URL format for the Sitemap is like this: https://blogaddress.com/sitemap.xml

    Example: https://www.liteup9ja.com.ng/sitemap.xml

    To submit the Sitemap file, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to Google Search Console
    2. Go to the "Sitemap" menu
    3. Enter the Sitemap URL in the provided URL column:
    4. Click "Submit"
    5. Done.

    In addition to this Sitemap URL, you can also submit the Sitemap again using the RSS feed blog URL.

    The RSS feed blog URL format is like this: https://blogaddress.com/atom.xml or https://blogaddress.com/rss.xml

    That's it for my post on how to register and submit a Sitemap to Google Search Console. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section.

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